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Our Pricing

All listed pricing is starting price. Final pricing is determined after final design is determined.  All of our cakes are buttercream with fondant or modeling chocolate accents.  Caked covered entirely in fondant is available by request at $2 per serving.

All orders require a non-refundable $25 retainer to save the date.


Single Tier Cakes

Base Price: $4/serving

Minimum Order: $80

Single Tier Smash cakes are only available along with a larger party cake. Pricing for Smash cakes start at $25


Multiple Tier Cakes

Base Price: $5/serving

Minimum Order: $200

Each tier can be ordered with a different cake and filling flavor.


Number Cakes

Base Price: 

Small (8") - $50ea number

Medium (10") - $75ea number

Large (12") - $90ea number

Base pricing includes basic cake and buttercream flavors, buttercream decorations and candy accents. 

Fresh flowers, macarons, special flavors, fillings or additional items cost extra based on item requested.  


Sculpted Cakes

Base Price: $9/serving

Minimum Order: $350

Sculpted cakes will have a mix of buttercream, fondant or modeling chocolate depending on the design.



Base Price: $24/ dozen

Minimum Order: 2 dozen

Base price includes buttercream swirl. Cupcake toppers start at $3.50 each.


Cookies by the Dozen

Base Price: $50/dozen

Cookies by the dozen are individually wrapped unless otherwise requested.


Cookie Platter

Base Price: $64 

Includes an assortment of  12 standard size and 12 mini cookies for a total of 2 dozen cookies.  We will create a mix of  simple and elaborate designs according to your theme along with some personalized elements (names, dates, etc).  If you're looking for something very specific or elaborate, we suggest you order cookies by the dozen.


Cookie Pops

Base Price: $5 each

Minimum Order:  1 dozen

Cookie pops are individually wrapped and can be arranged as a bouquet by request.

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